It's Spring And Time For An Update

It's an unusually cold spring day here, and I'm enjoying it in the best way - which is curled up on the sofa with a blanket watching a series on British villages. Last week, I went around taking photos of the blooms in my yard, and this rose is one of them.

At the end of March, I deleted my Pinterest account and deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I have been social media free and it has been so nice. I know that my absence on FB is most likely temporary, but I'll see how long I can possibly stretch it out.

I'm in a rough patch with headaches outside of my usual headache window - I believe they are tension -and my neck and shoulder has had a lot of pain. I've been hosting three different social events for the kids each week, and I think it's time to wind it down and retreat. My mom received results of a test indicating cancer, and will follow up on the 19th. Needless to say, it will be a long wait.

I can't remember if I discussed my One Word for the year 2018 here at this blog (that's the problem with scattering your life across various social media, you can't remember what you've told to whom) but it was Homeward, and it has served me well. I definitely feel it was led of the Spirit, because He has gone before me and knows the road I will travel. It was time to turn away from business and marketing, and pour my creativity and energy back into our home. I'm often discouraged that being homeward also usually means that I'm feeling unwell and in pain, but I know I'm still in the center of my calling.

For TV, I'm currently watching Parenthood after a Gilmore Girls rewatch. Also, The Durrells and Call the Midwife have their new seasons out that my husband and I have started. Of course, there is our household obsession with Shark Tank - the kids love watching it.

We are plodding along in our homeschool. Here is our space awaiting a new days work - before kids tumbled out of their beds in grumpy moods picking fights.

The day's copywork is written on the board for them to record in their composition books. I read aloud King Arthur and His Knights, and ask them questions from the accompanying guide from Memoria Press. They do their math in ACE workbooks, and we watch a YouTube video from The Bible Project. On days that I don't read aloud, I choose copywork from The Dictation Treasury, which is a really nice resource for my minimalist Charlotte Mason-inspired way of homeschooling.

We do a lot with friends too; we are in shooting sports 4H club, daughter (12) participating in a 4H sewing project, we host a weekly Dungeons and Dragons game at my home for my son (16), and I organize park days and a tween/teen social group at my church on Tuesdays. Things will be slowing down towards summer, and I'm already getting inspired on planning ways to make the most of those long days.


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