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How to Afford Homeschooling

   The best way to make sure that you can afford to homeschool your kids is to agree about the lifestyle with your husband prior to purchasing your home and cars. This way you make sure that your expenses can be covered with one income. You probably won't be able to live in your dream home. If you're getting a mortgage, don't use the maximum loan amount that you can be approved for. Your realtor may push you to look at higher priced properties, but stick to your guns and look at the lower end of the range. Be sure to account in the payment estimates if you will have escrow added to the amount to cover property taxes. Look for smaller, older homes with big backyards, established trees, and safe streets. Pay off outstanding debt. If you don't have debt, your monthly expenses are reduced. Buying a furniture suite on credit is not worth sacrificing your ability to stay home with your kids. Avoid car payments and buy used cars with cash.  Shop at frugal grocery stores like A

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