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May 8, 2018 Thoughts on depression and family

I was off of all social media for over a month now. It was so good for me - I was able to focus my ADD brain into some decluttering, interior painting, and shuffling around of furniture. But being off of Facebook for that long has a way of making me feel invisible. I'm thankful for those who texted me and whom I saw in real life at homeschool events, church and my home. 
I admit I could be better about initiating contact with people. In fact, I'm pretty terrible at it, so I can't fault others. The truth is that I've had a case of apathy lately. That's what depression looks like for me. It usually crops up after I've reached my limit of 'feeling' - which for an empathic sensitive soul like mine happens frequently. Everyone's anger, sadness, and frustration weighs me down, which is why I often need these month long FB sabbaticals. I can't do anything about the suffering and disappointment in this world or in people I love, and that feels crushing…

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