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Planning for the End

Signing up for fall homeschool classes starts before spring. Class offerings are announced in March, and registration begins immediately. I'm used to doing this over the summer, but things fill up too quickly to do that any more.  my four kids on our Dec '22 cruise vacay Fall brings Geneva's senior year. I've graduated two children from homeschool now, and I have the wisdom from hindsight, and I also have my own goals and bucket list dreams for her final year. We all agree graduation ceremonies are an important thing. Now that I'm not a part of a casual homeschool support group, the only options for her to participate in a ceremony is to take year long classes at the various enrichment programs out there. The problem is that it is almost prohibitively expensive for us. I do miss the days where some friends and I could throw a ceremony together.  We've enjoyed our year at Arlington Liber Academy on Thursdays, and will continue on until Jonas graduates in 2026 pro

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