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A New Season for Homeschooling (Libraries of Hope and Outschool)

We have been unschooling for the past couple of years. I've been learning how to manage: the needs of having adult children who still live at home, a graduating senior this May, health stuff, and searching for a way to reclaim a home rhythm with cynical teenagers that will allow me to keep sane and balanced. Unschooling is not my favorite. Maybe it could work for some very highly intrinsically motivated kids, but it doesn't go well for mine. I just don't think unschooling goes well when there's tech addiction. Yes, I absolutely believe smartphones/gaming/Youtube/Tiktok is addictive and will squelch the natural inclination of a person to learn, be active and enjoy nature.  I've been praying and seeking the wisdom of God for my situation, and it always seems He leads me back to things I already found and know. He also has shown me how I overcommit. And if these horrible gas prices have any benefit, it's that I have to limit my driving for the foreseeable future. A

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