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Homeschool Is Not Public School

  The new wave of homeschoolers is very much keeping one foot in the matrix, trying to do it in a way that closely resembles public school as much as possible. They ask about teachers and 'learning pods' - they still want someone else to take the responsibility for home educating their children. Guess what? Homeschooling is nothing like public school and you can do it however you would like. Break out of the paradigm entirely, deschool for a bit, enjoy the company of your children and forget about keeping up with the scope and sequence of your local school. Learning is fun, not drudgery. It's a calling and a fulfilling vocation. And there is freedom in keeping your family together for living and learning. Some families are just homeschooling because they don't want their kids in masks or subject to other tyrannical measures, and that is laudable enough. If those circumstances change, their children will be back in classrooms in a flash. Those of us who see homeschooling

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