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It's Spring And Time For An Update

It's an unusually cold spring day here, and I'm enjoying it in the best way - which is curled up on the sofa with a blanket watching a series on British villages. Last week, I went around taking photos of the blooms in my yard, and this rose is one of them.

At the end of March, I deleted my Pinterest account and deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I have been social media free and it has been so nice. I know that my absence on FB is most likely temporary, but I'll see how long I can possibly stretch it out.

I'm in a rough patch with headaches outside of my usual headache window - I believe they are tension -and my neck and shoulder has had a lot of pain. I've been hosting three different social events for the kids each week, and I think it's time to wind it down and retreat. My mom received results of a test indicating cancer, and will follow up on the 19th. Needless to say, it will be a long wait.

I can't remember if I discussed my One Word fo…

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