About Me

I love homeschooling, cozy granny chic decor, the colors mint green and peachy pink, Victoria magazine, drinking hot tea, British TV, music that spans Enya to EDM, playing guitar, gardening, swinging in a hammock, amassing a large book collection, sunshine, vanilla anything, coconut pineapple smoothies, Anglican liturgy, family, designing, playing with stamps and washi tape in my planner, collecting cute dolls and toys, finding foods that don't make me feel crappy, natural health, herbs and aromatherapy, seeing children as a blessing, entrepreneurship, going on Carnival cruises (3 so far), taking photos of my kids and flowers, Pinterest, and playing Just Dance and Dance Central on XBOX 360.
I have minor chronic illnesses: recurrent kidney stones since I was a teenager, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. I don't eat gluten or nightshade vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. Some weeks I feel like doing nothing but sit on the sofa with a book or my tablet. Other weeks, my home is clean and beautiful, I've read a million books to the kids, and feel on top of the world. I have strong faith and contentment, but am a classic INFP/phlegmatic/melancholic, and my ideals sometimes feel burdensome. I write to sort things out, to leave a record for my kids, and practice getting my ideas into writing. If you've stopped by here, I pray you leave having found something that is encouraging or points to Jesus. 
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