Natural Help for Hormonal Migraines

Due to getting my gallbladder removed in 2008, I started having migraines. In 2022, I found that if I took Excedrin Migraine or any other Tylenol product I started having panic attacks. I had to cut the medicine out cold turkey and find other ways to deal with the intense pain that often surrounded certain points of my menstrual cycle. My worst pain days are the day before my period, the third day of my period, and the day after my period ends. 

Recently, I've started some new routines that have made a dent in the severity and frequency of my migraine headaches. I had to learn how to use caffeine strategically and that means sometimes not having my cup of tea first thing but wait until a headache starts coming on later on in the afternoon. I also try to avoid being caffeine-dependent. I'm not a coffee drinker. Caffeine can make perimenopausal anxiety much worse.  I might have it a couple of times a month, but I prefer to drink a blend of caffeinated and decaf teas. When I make my boiled water for tea in the morning, I set some aside and brew peppermint tea bags. If a headache comes on, I'll drink a cup of peppermint tea.

I began to suspect that my migraines might have something to do with my liver. Over time, taking Tylenol can take a toll on your liver, and I believe that's why I started having panic attacks whenever I took it. 

After detoxing from acetaminophen for over a year, I started a liver tincture from Earthley called Liver Love and it seems to help my headaches not get as severe. I've experimented with many different essential oils and blends over the years to get relief, but have not found that the usual ones for pain relief have helped. I tried RC blend from Young Living which is a respiratory blend, and I apply it to the back of my neck when I start feeling that tightness coming on, and it really helps! Skullcap tincture is also great for pain and anxiety. 

Ice packs and a magnesium bath can work wonders. I make my own magnesium oil using Ancient Minerals Magnesium bath soap flakes. I put it on the bottoms of my feet, and the back of my neck. Magnesium threonate can also help with headaches. 

Many sources say that migraines are tied to liver and colon congestion, it may not necessarily be an issue of hormone imbalance; though it is definitely a path to try - especially if you are over 40 like me! I use Harvest Moon tincture from The Herbal Toad to help with hormonal shifts. 

One of the worst things about migraines is when it's accompanied by nausea and anxiety. I keep a tincture on hand that contains peppermint, ginger, and fennel to help settle your stomach. There are also essential oil blends you can use topically that contain those ingredients. Earthley has a tincture called Mama's Tummy Relief that works well. Rocky Mountain Oils has an essential oil blend called Tummy Rub that I prefer to Young Living's Digize. Ginger has pain-relieving properties, and I encapsulate organic ginger from the spice section.  For the anxiety, lemon balm seems to help me. There are also all kinds of stress-relieving tea blends at the grocery store. 

I know this all sounds like a lot, but I've built my herbal remedies stock over time and trial. The top 4 things I would try are ginger, magnesium, Young Living RC essential oil, and peppermint tea.

As crazy as it sounds, even going for a walk can help with my migraines. If I have lost hours and hours to the pain, I just go outside and do something active for a change of scenery. When you are forced to give up pills for pain relief, you have to be willing to try all sorts of things, keep at it, and not get discouraged. Chances are there is something out there that will help you get some relief!


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