Encouraging Your Mom Heart

This weekend I went to Whole Heart Ministry's Mom Heart conference in Irving, Texas. What I appreciate about Sally Clarkson's teaching is that it is grace-filled, and you don't leave feeling like you have a new list of rules to follow and ways to measure up. 

There were around 800 moms in attendance, and it is encouraging to think of how the impact is multiplied, as moms go home to children raised well, and with hearts shaped in love and grace.

My stay involved lots of cheesecake.

a cute hotel room...

It was cold and rainy.

And now for some tidbits from the sessions. I didn't take too many notes, except for these.

Adversarial parenting passes on guilt. It is in-your-face and critical. 
Advocate parenting is like how God fathers us: He is FOR us, full of grace, He'll come alongside and help us. 
Remembering that the "kindness and mercy of God leads to repentance."
Relationships require time, patience, and sacrifice. If you invest these, it is for the kingdom. 
Listen with patience, love by words, and relate to what each individual needs.
Love is the life and energy of the Living God.
You can't live by fear, flesh, or formula. But if you live by faith, you live in freedom!
Don't project your past onto your kids, expecting them to make the same mistakes as you. They are not you and have a redeemed heritage!
Your roots in Christ as a mom need to be firm, deep, and strong. 
Children want to live well, and to celebrate. Create a festive, fun family culture full of laughter. And books. Lots and lots of good books.

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