my doll portrait studio

I think my daughter has finally had it. She is tired of me taking her photos. 

When I wanted to practice with my studio lighting and my manual focus lens this evening, I had to use dolls and toys.

I wanted to get obsessive about her wig flyaways in editing, but decided not to go that far.
(Looks like Grumpy Cat and I thought it was funny.)
Forest Princess was excited about her photo opp, but Viking Girl wasn't pleased.

 I feel like I should say something else, so it's not all "Hey, look at my toys."

Summer has not been the misery that I dread it to be for a year beforehand. We've been pretty comfortable. There's been rain like we haven't seen since 2007, and working a/c. Business is good. We're well. 

I created a Facebook page for this blog. I can't tell you how often I almost delete it, though. Using that website is like signing away forever any right to any privacy, and it creeps me out. Just like using a blog service owned by Google.  I guess between Google and Facebook they know my every move and thought anyway.

My dominique hens are laying little tiny eggs now. I clipped their wings today. 

The kids beat their "Kirby's Epic Yarn" game, but that doesn't stop J from obsessing about playing it.

Been thinking a lot lately about church; maybe there's a post for that coming soon.



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