And so the fall semester begins

I usually get a 'first day of school' photo of the kids when the school district kids go back, but I didn't get a chance to. I took that one at the museum on the 13th of August; and that's good enough. It's usually the only smiling group shot I get for the year.

I bought some liquid watercolors, and it's such a nicer medium to use than cheapy tempera/poster paint. G (7) has been drawing and painting a lot lately. We are going through some exercises in Drawing and Painting in Waldorf Schools. I made two chalkboards, and we are using Crayola sidewalk chalk. That was a collaborative effort between G, J, and I.

I don't have any "required" work for the kids to do, but I'm trying to strew some new things, and we're back to checking out lots of interest-focused items from the library. One of my biggest struggles as an unschooling mom is knowing how to best use my time since my kids don't need the active teaching time and hovering. I have decided I need to really push through and work on my creative goals. And I'm always working on my home rhythm.


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