Home Rhythm Reboot Part 1

"There is an energy to holding the space. There is confidence that the children – even adults – will feel, it is the Light in your good energy and it gets them to strive to their highest self. Learning to hold the space will really help you with your rhythm. When we start the day in confidence, we can glide into the kitchen and cook food for their smiling faces, and they feel that loving Light from you as they gather at the table and then later help you tidy up and prepare for a walk.
Be present with your energy and expectation that there will be peace. This present energy helps break up conflict before it begins. Capturing or regaining this household harmony can begin with intention; intention quickly gains energy when we put our will behind it. Be observant. Be present. -Melisa Nielsen"

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I took this photo on a day in April where I felt completely at peace and content with the world. I was at home; it was cool enough outside, and my house was picked up. I tend to take photos on days like these so that I can remember all of the factors in place that led me to feeling like this. I also have a million photos of the kids playing in the yard, because those times make me feel like this too.
When I was reading a book called "The Lilypad List", she starts by asking you to determine what your ideal 'simple life' would look like. It's different for everyone. But mine is being at home. You might think sitting with a cup of tea watching a Jane Austen movie is the most boring thing ever, but it's my idea of bliss. So, remembering the times when I feel most at peace - it is always at home, doing ordinary things with my family. I can be in a city, in a less desirable part of town, in a house too small, eating Wal-Mart food, and it's still my idea of a simple life. That's all I need to be happy.


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