Hemp CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

Just wanted to write up a quick post (I do all of my blogging on a Kindle Fire because my kids offer me no access to our desktop computers) about how these two products are helping me cope much better with my fibromyalgia pain and frequent headaches.

I started using the cream from Sundance Cosmetics and it is really good for muscle and joint pain. I also sleep like a log when I rub this on before bedtime. It still didn't help my headaches unfortunately.

So I tried Rawsome's performance strength CBD Oil (in fractionated coconut oil) orally and wow, it makes a difference! It seems to work better on an emptier stomach. The taste isn't bad; not like a tincture. I just dropper it into the back of my tongue and drink a sip of water. More effective than NSAIDS, and without the stomach destroying sensation.

No, these products aren't intoxicating, and yes, they are worth every penny.

I don't sell or benefit at all from telling you about these - just excited to find some real help for my pain!


  1. Marisa, I just purchased the same CBD oil. I have severe pain from Fibro also. What dosage are you taking? I took a half dropper earlier and another half not long ago. I am wondering if I need more because I am not noticing a change in the pain level. I need this stuff to work....OUCH!

    1. I tend to do a full dropper and then more a couple hours later. I'm sorry its not helping!! The frustrating thing about chronic pain is that what works one day might not work the next time. Hope you find relief soon!

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  4. For my back pain I apply the Nubotany hemp pain cream I was scared to use it at first but it relaxes my muscles so easy I love it

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