A Steady Lifestyle in a Time of Turmoil

These are some areas where being prepared could help you cope with many changes in our society. We have seen how quickly store shelves can clear, how we can be left without toilet paper, and businesses around us could close their doors. 

I don't live the self sufficient lifestyle that I wish I could manage; with chronic illness I don't have the energy to do everything from scratch or by hand. But in these times of heightened chaos and change, sometimes knowing how to put a warm loaf of bread on the table can add to a feeling of comfort and security. 

I grew many seedlings at the beginning of quarantine, gave some away, and put some outside in containers. Just from Dollar Tree seeds.                   


They weren't able to grow very large or bear fruit before it got too hot. It was too late in the season for Texas. I learned a lot. I'm going to start (and keep) some more seeds indoors (I have grow lights) and focus on baby spinach and some container herbs. Spinach is something all of my kids will eat, so it's a good choice for a supplement. 

Our ducks deserve their own post, as well some of the other topics in the graphic above, so keep reading!


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