All-Time Favorite Parenting and Homeschooling Resources - 2020 Update

I began homeschooling in earnest with my firstborn almost 17 years ago. I love teaching materials. I even love textbooks. So, believe me when I say I have tried (and loved) many different resources in our homeschooling years. 

I have an older post on this blog where I list some of those things I've enjoyed using, but it's from 2012 and some of the links are dead. Also, I've grown older and wiser, have experienced many more ups and downs in homeschooling 4 very different kids and my opinions on what is worthy of my time and finances might have changed. 

I have grown more steadfast in the idea that children should have a very firm foundation in scripture teaching and in attending Christian worship services. I'm thankful that I spent so many years playing scripture memory songs, praying for my children at bedtime, and teaching them about the Bible. 

There's way too many products available in the homeschooling market. It's big business, and even I am still tempted to overspend and waste money on things we never end up using. It's ok, Mom. We all do it from time to time. I love history, so that is reflected in the materials I've been drawn to using. 

The Harrow Family's Scripture Memory albums, also they are all available on Spotify!

A Child's Story Bible by Catherine Vos

The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes by Kenneth Taylor (older version with classic illustrations) -  printable notebooking pages; kids would choose a topic, print or draw a picture, and do copywork or tell about it. 

The Heart of Wisdom Approach and The Charlotte Mason Companion - two foundational books I have read over and over and over that informed and inspired my way of homeschooling. 

Above Rubies Nancy Campbell has been a paramount influence in my mothering and faith. 

Gateway to the Classics - free online public domain books, great for biographies and history

Sonlight Curriculum's Reading Lists - if you need ideas on quality literature that is age appropriate 

Veritas Press Self Paced History Courses  - engaging classical approach to history; we've used a few of these classes and so much info sticks

Libraries of Hope - free audio and ebook reading plans based on literature and history

Ambleside Online - free online reading plans for a Charlotte Mason education 

Memoria Press Reading Comprehension Guides - I use them a little differently than they're intended; using the teachers manuals to use copywork and quiz my kids after we've read a chapter aloud 

Rod and Staff Preschool Workbooks - my kids enjoyed the cutting and pasting and wholesome material

Jim Weiss audio stories,  buy them at Well Trained Mind store. My kids used to listen to his stories at bedtime.

and finally, 

our library of over 80 Usborne Books has served us through many years of homeschooling. Aside from the story books and young readers selections they enjoyed when they were younger, here are some favorites:

The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History Time Traveler and the Lift the Flap books.


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