Goals and Growing in 2021

It's the day before the inauguration, and I'm trying to focus on things I have control over, which right now is my home.

I did another declutter of my wardrobe, and bought another dresser to keep our clothes more organized. My bedroom has a two by four foot closet! It helps that I have a very clear idea of what my style is so I can resist buying random things that I don't love and just take up space.

I've been thrifting to find some decor for my living room to pull it all together. Little house living is really challenging me these days. But instead of getting mad and frustrated about it, I want to embrace the limitations and be very thankful for the low cost of living it provides, especially when it looks like the world is burning. I'm painting a feature wall and doing a little rearranging. I'll take some pics when it's done. 

I bought some of the seeds I'll be starting inside under grow lights this week. I'd like to focus on growing leafy greens and medicinal herbs this spring. I want to use them in my own teas and balms. 

I added some new ducklings to the backyard flock. Praying I get some hens out of this bunch! Feed stores won't be stocked with ducklings under end of Feb/early March, so I was happy to find someone on Craigslist whose ducks have been broody and hatching eggs. I might get a couple more next month. 

Still need to add a couple female bantam hens for companionship to my two serama roos, and two regular size hens. Then I'll be feeling good about how many eggs we can expect to generate.

Besides embracing more self-sustainable skills and getting my house in order, these are some other areas I would like to put focus in this year:

  • start doing therapeutic yin yoga again, I've had a lot more pain in my connective tissue and joints lately
  • listen to the audio Bible during the day
  • get my new shop, The Crafty Casita, set up and stocked, and streamline my business efforts instead of feeling scattered across multiple etsy shops and random custom work
  • get the kids on a routine with more structure so they can experience greater growth and progress in their own lives
  • teach my two oldest sons how to drive, and enroll my oldest in a trades education


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