Summer is for books and games

It's that time of year, when we begin to retreat from the outdoors during the afternoons, and do more reading and other quiet indoor activities. I've bought some books lately, and wanted to share some of them with you.

First, a couple of outdoor photos:

(We were in a really swampy part of Lake Weatherford, and my kids are drawn to anything gross!)

And now the books. I really get into fairy tales, folktales, myth, legend, and history (major fondness for Middle Ages), so that's what I tend to look for. I've already bought lots of paperback chapter books from Veritas/Sonlight, and I didn't realize how much my kids were missing out on picture books. I also needed to get some books for Geneva with female protagonists, because we read a lot of history, and one day she said, "Mom, where are all the girls? Can we read something with girls?" (Can you tell I am used to buying books for my older sons?) So, here are a few samples from what I ordered.

I also got her Elizabeth and the Royal Pony; a short reader that had nice, classic illustrations. It's historically based on a younger Queen Elizabeth.

The boys requested copies of these books after we've checked them out from the library. 

Another Arthurian picture book, with a good story and lush illustrations, is Merlin and the Dragons.

Besides my Amazon finds and books that Veritas Press recommends, I also love Usborne Books. It was time for my annual Usborne order, and as a consultant, I get great deals and free books when I do my large orders.

I have several other books I ordered, but you get the idea. :-) Hopefully it will be enough to get my kids through the next few weeks. They devour books, and I can't keep up!

And we've been playing Eagle Kingdoms, which is a very unique, beautiful game.

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