Why Titus 2 style mom mentors are hard to find

- They've gotten older, and realized that they don't have all the answers.
- They've mellowed out over the years, and forget what a big deal it is to be a new homeschool mom.
- They've experienced a child's rebellion or have a prodigal and they no longer feel qualified.
- They might have played by all the "Godly Family Biblical Parenting" rules, and still experienced heartache in their relationships with their children.
- They're still dealing with adolescents and fledgling independent children, and feeling as lost and unsure as you are.
- They know that you're just going to have to pick something and go with it, because there is no perfect method or curriculum, and nothing truer than your own intuition.
- They know that even if they told you all of this, you wouldn't believe them anyway. The advice they would want to give you is "Pray and trust God", but that's not the answer you want to hear.

I'm not an older mom (I'm 32 and my oldest is 10), but I've talked to some good, long experienced ones, and this is what I hear from them.


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