What to write about anyway

I've been pondering the whole concept of keeping a public online journal; sometimes it seems so ridiculous to me. How powerful the internet has become in our lives, how many of us just long for the simpler days before we all started publishing for posterity our thoughts, family photos, opinions.

Some women get paralyzed reading blogs and perusing Pinterest, looking at all the pretty things but copping out on real life. Hmm. Do we all need to see my piles of dirty laundry, the ugly instead? Would that make a difference?

So, what to post. I like to write, but I also wouldn't want to bother keeping this up if it weren't something I would read.

I don't want to post too many photos of my kids, because at some point, we need to value our children's privacy. I don't want to post too many of myself because I don't want to come across as narcissistic and vain. (That would get old pretty quick as you would see the 3 maxi dresses and the other tunic/legging combos I wear on a regular basis.)

People like quality content, but the definition of quality varies from person to person. I am over tutorials. God knows I would never get around to making any of that stuff anyway. I don't do instagram. Looking for recipes? You won't find any here. I'm not a very good cook, and I prefer simple foods. I have nothing to 'teach' you.

I look at my life, and it is my dream. (Notice I didn't say perfect!) It's not the world's idea of success or making it, but it's wonderful to me. My favorite place on the earth is the confines of my humble home. I really like being around my kids 24/7 (usually). I have nothing to complain about. Should I rehash the ugly to make the beautiful easier to swallow? In my 32 years, I've dealt with child molestation, parental divorce, relentless school bullying, father's ongoing alcoholism and eventual death from cancer in his late 40s, and chronic painful health issues. Can you blame me for just wanting to post pretty stuff from my life?

I hesitate to discuss homeschooling because of privacy, and the numerous haters who are ignorant about the whole thing - and my skin is thin. I don't need anyone needlessly worrying about my children's educational well-being, like I've seen with other high profile bloggers. Our style is a bit untraditional.

I could write about our life as a self-employed, home business family, but to me, it's a boring topic and the daily reality of it can be stressful and draining!

Or writing about faith - I could give you lots of verses, but I think you don't need me to knock you over with scriptures and sermonettes. (By the way, have you heard of those verses at the end of Proverbs?) I am in the midst of a struggle finding my footing within the institutional church. My faith isn't suffering, but the longer this goes on, the more befuddled and conflicted I am. I wonder if I'll ever get it sorted. My feet are in different camps, and I wish I could just blend it together and be happy with it.

Well, enough pondering for now.

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