Absolute freedom

I was swinging in my treehouse hammock this morning, and thinking about the utter peace in my heart. My musings this morning:

When you live in freedom, it brings confidence. Confidence helps you love others - where they are and who they are - better. It allows you to not worry about and judge what others are doing, because you want them to experience the freedom you have. You can't have fear of man and live authentically at the same time. If you are really being true to yourself, it won't matter to you what others think about it. Fear of man and insecurity is bondage that keeps you from living a sermon on the mount lifestyle. Humble meekness is strength. You are no longer depending on your wisdom and morals to be superior than others. And that is so freeing! You don't have to have all the right answers, not even the right scriptures all the time. There is absolute truth, but you don't have to defend it all the time - it just is. God is Truth, and He will stand. Just as He has through the ages, over Providential history, through cultures, horrors, and circumstances we cannot even understand.

Extending freedom to others shows you trust them. It is taking away the expectations. It's no longer "shoulding" on people. It shows you love them, that you believe the God in them is so lovely and worthy. Your love always trusts, hopes, and prevails. Let people you love off of the leash. Give them freedom to explore, check out their surroundings, trusting/believing that their loyalty to you will keep them close. Worrying is aging and debilitating, and it strains relationships.


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