I don't want to go anywhere. Nothing I could do is really worth dealing with 106 degrees outside. We are in the summer doldrums. And I'm not feeling well, so forgive the dull, dry tone here. {smile}

I've been nesting around the house, moving things around, decluttering corners, and going through bookshelves. Trying to create more usable space for all of our activities. I tacked up some calendar artwork to liven up my dreary and dark white walled hall.

This is most of our egg harvest this week. Gigi calls them her babies, and whenever she finds more eggs outside, she pulls the rest all out of the fridge, wipes them down and counts them. She is a good chicken girl. She and Jonas still play outside in the sandbox for hours, in this heat that the older boys won't stick out a toe in.

I find it frustrating that my creativity surges coincide when my autoimmune stuff is bothering me. So I have all the ideas but no energy to back it up. I sewed a simple messenger bag the other day; it was a quick one hour project. I'm ready to work on some cloth dolls. I've been eyeing some new books for doll and stuffed animal making that Westen is also interested in. I also want to set a photo-a-day goal. A week passes most of the time where I haven't used my camera. I want to do photos of miniatures - dolls and toys set up in photo stories. The lighting is much more controlled and consistent.

I'm working on a dual 4H project and homeschool playday that will start at the end of August. Right now I'm thinking it will be a once a week art and music appreciation activity incorporating all the learning styles.

Our 12 year anniversary was this weekend. We had a nice time hanging out together while Mom watched the kids on Saturday night. I got to buy some clearance decor from World Market, and he picked out some go-cart parts. I don't know what love language that is, letting the other person indulge their hobbies. It's how we demonstrate our friendship with one another.


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