New friends


Picked up these little cuties (Freckle and Sugar) as they are finally 6 weeks old. New sweet faces to keep us occupied while stuck inside. I wish today was grey and pelting rain, but it is blazingly sunny and 101.

Geneva and I visited our favorite antiques and collectibles store down the street; it is piled high with goodies to dig through. I can never find good vintage fabrics/linens there, but she has lots of other fun things to find. My daughter ended up with a huge Imaginext t-rex, and other dinosaurs. I found a Belgian cookie tin with birds, and a minty green vintage bowl.

Last night, we watched the Olympics, and then had a family running race in the street at night. My husband says he can't run, but he beat me every time and I'd like to think I'm pretty fast. :-) But then my 6 year old kept beating me. Now, she IS fast. After ten pm, I told everyone to pile in the van to go to Barnes and Noble because there are some books I'm eyeing for family crafts, and I wanted to see them in person. It's kinda fun to go out late with kids.


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