this is us in December

So, what is new?

Last Friday, the boys slept at their friend's house, and my niece spent the night at our house on Saturday. Sleep deprivation and crankiness ensued most of the weekend, and culminated at my husband's hockey game Sunday evening. Mac worked a killer busy week with late nights. Then he had two hockey games. And he's worn out. So, that means I worked overtime as mama.

I am burned out.

Thankfully, I haven't had any pain or headaches over the last few days, and my house got clean. I finally cleaned the kids' rooms, and reorganized so that everything will be nice for Christmas. As if it can last that long, but let's pretend, right?

Besides some heavy nesting and domesticity going on, I've been working on Blythe, but she will get her own post soon with her new look.

I am reading to the kids each day from the Core Knowledge series 2nd grade book. I know it's probably homeschooler heresy to say that, but I really like those books! The fairy tales and history are right where we are on the Waldorf timetables for some of their ages, so I'm happy with that. Today, we attempted form drawing, and one kid threw his crayon across the room a couple times, because his figure 8 wasn't perfect from the first try. But my oldest enjoyed it, and did well at it.

I'm still practicing with my praise band on Sunday mornings. We practiced various songs by Hillsong, Jenn Johnson, etc. I love doing this. It's my me time - the kids and husband are still in bed when I leave at 8:30am.

Christmas lights have been up on the house since Thanksgiving weekend, and I brought out a few knick knacks inside, but no tree yet.


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