Headaches and diversions

Still riding out the wave of menstrual migraines. This has been my worst month ever. Tears.

Yesterday, we visited the science/history museum with our homeschool group friends, and we were able to get a membership. Then, 4H was in the evening, and we signed up for projects: homemade bath and body products, and sewing dog beds for the animal shelter. We're leading a woodcarving project, and Westen is crossing his fingers to be able to take pottery again. I hope he will.

It's nice getting out of the house now, I've been a hermit for a while. It makes the day go by faster, but it's a drag to come home and contend with messes we didn't clean, or meals I didn't plan.

In other diversions, my husband has had a big job this week, and I've been helping him run errands and box the shirts as they come off of the dryer. Today while folding, I participated in a live online photography workshop on my tablet.  There are two others that I am enrolled in for the next month.  We've decided to work towards me having a photography business, so I'm trying to absorb as much learning as I can. I'm getting an Alien Bees strobe, and softbox soon, and as we are able, get other equipment for studio shooting.

I've volunteered to help with the upcoming Above Rubies retreat, and am preparing the registration form.  I've also joined a multi-author homeschool blog as a contributor that launches with the new content in April, so I will be doing some homeschooling writing for that.

And I'm still doing well on my exercise and eating plan. :-)


  1. I love Above Rubies retreats. I've been going now for about 5 years here in Manitoba, Canada. Last year I went to the Saskatoon one. But this year I'll be back at the MB one. LOVe, loVE, LovE them!!! I love meeting the other mamas, inspiring Mamas, being reminded by Nancy and her daughters what my role is truly!
    Getting out of the house....I'd love to do more extra-curricular....I find it challenging at the best of times to round the gang up to go....and the taming the house mess on return can be very overwhelming....I hope as I grow in this motherhood thing, homeschool thing, that I can really make our home a place where my children are experiencing enough adventure that they would rarely ask, "are we going anywhere today?"
    p.s. Thanks for your comment on my blog :)


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