Queenhood Tuesday - Fun With Fabrics

A main source of my enjoyment of home is in giving it my personality.  "Decorating" has been ruined for me; it revolves around being discontented and shopping. I used to watch HGTV about ten years ago, but now I can't stand how it creates the illusion that your home must be coordinated in photo-shoot perfection, and that you must always keep it in a state of repair and restoration with weekend warrior projects.

My goal is to buy less pre-made/manufactured decorative items for the house, and instead have artsy and unique handmade items bringing color and pattern to the room. I replenished my fabric stash this weekend with discontinued decorator samples from the flea market. I'm working on creating some mixed media wall hangings. The swatches are high quality 100% silks, taffeta, hotel bed linen samples - things I would never pay full price yardage for, yet they are the right sizes for this kind of project!

She's the reason for any cat hair you see!

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