Queenhood Tuesday: My Queenly Strengths


I love a clean house, I do. I look at my friends who are OCD about their home's cleanliness, and wish I had just a little bit of that. Nesting is fun; tidying up. But when it comes down to the real dirty work of maintaining a home, I really have to psych myself up about it. 

I decided I was going to view my role in the home as the empowered queen of my domain, ruling with grace and creativity. It helps me have a better attitude about the drudgery. I am not striving for perfection, oh no, I am more concerned about atmosphere and enough order to get through our daily rhythm with greater ease. If I can manage to invite company over once a week, I have reached the height of my standards!

 The queen uses her leadership skills, gifts and talents to make the home activity hum along. Your creative expression is certainly not limited to the domestic sphere, however, it is a great release for it as you become more proficient in the homemaking arts.

I shared that cleaning is not really my strong suit, but here are the other areas I shine in as queen.

I am great with color, and very into aesthetics. I love puttering around my house, trying new fabrics here and there. I hunt at thrift stores and clearance racks for anything to purpose as decor. Even if my house is small and old, and usually messy in at least one room, you can tell I put thoughtful care into the arrangement and decor. My husband appreciates my gifts in that.  

I am all for ambiance and atmosphere. I will start a loaf of bread in the machine for the wafting fragrance. I burn candles, and play music. There is always interesting reading material lying around. The kids feel cozy and secure when I take the time for those extra touches that don't have to wait until the house is perfect. 

I love lesson planning and curriculum. So the day might not always pan out to where we get to all of it, but I have a long term framework and goal to press toward. Our rhythm is laid out. I love reading about pedagogy and how to be a better teacher.

I am learning more about family herbalism and natural, holistic remedies for everyday issues. I am well versed in nutrition. My kitchen pharmacy and home library is getting better stocked as I take more initiative with our health. 

Having these areas of home management that I really enjoy and am good at helps me deal with the ones I despise.

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