Dolls and Daughters

It is painful sometimes, my wish for my daughter to have a sister. She wants to play girly things, and my boy trio excludes her sometimes. She has girl friends, but hasn't found that relationship where she is joined at the hip like I had at her age. Maybe she doesn't need it. Like everything else in my life, maybe it's a shift in thinking. Could I be not just her mama, but that friend for her?

I confess, I love dolls. I collect a few. I've been pining for a Blythe doll forever, but can't justify the expense. I discovered these Moxie Teenz dolls on one of the trips with my kids to Toys R Us. If you put them on a Liv doll body, they fit Barbie clothes. It's been a lot of fun to work on them together. I don't play right like a little girl would; I won't do voices or situational narration. I dress and re-dress them, fix their hair, exchange wigs, we do photo shoots, we're collecting clothing and accessories for dioramas...and we have found a way to be together where we are just two girls at heart.

I mess it up sometimes. I can be distracted and unavailable when she really wants to play. But I hope that she will always know that there is no other girl I'd rather spend my time with!

The details: the brunette doll is a Moxie Teenz Melrose with Liv Doll Daniela's wig and body. The blonde is a Moxie Teenz Tristen with Liv Doll Hayden's wig and body. I've also removed her super frosted lipstick and repainted/glossed her lips. She is wearing an outfit my great-grandma hand-sewed in the '60s.


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