September blossoms

It is September, and Geneva ran in to the house with crepe myrtle blossoms in a vase, and I hadn't known that we would get another flowering. The last one was in June. I love all the pink, and it always makes me want to take some photos.

We had a nice weekend. Sunday night, the kids went swimming at their Mimi's pool until past bedtime. When we got home, Mac lit a campfire for me while he was smoking a Labor Day brisket. I climbed into the hammock for the first time in weeks, and it felt good to be outside.

I have gotten some new books, and I am working to implement things that inspire me from each one; different topics, like decorating, crafting, sewing, interest led learning/unschooling, Bible reading. I might share thoughts on these here, or I may just journal it. We have fun things planned with friends for the rest of this year, 4H starts tonight, and I am enjoying the slow, simple life.


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