Fall retreating

The sky has been interesting with the passing rain the last few days. We spent the weekend at a campground on Lake Grapevine in a little cabin. The grey was low and heavy most of the time, but the cool 67 degree breeze was wonderful. Mac lit his campfires, and I wrapped up in a blanket on the ground next to the fire. Lots of thinking in the quiet spaces, and decided I'm retreating from the online "social" world. I permanently deleted my Facebook account; this was my second one after I swore I was never going back. But I did, because I enjoy joining FB groups of likeminded people. My friends list was 23 people, and I joined under a pseudonym. But even then, I couldn't like or comment on other things without having to hear about it. I don't debate in real life. I don't have the constitution for it - I'm too sensitive and introspective. I can't formulate my responses when put on the spot, and I feel bullied and backed into a corner. But online, people don't pay attention to boundaries. If I could spare everyone from the geeky art doll, theology, sustainability, libertarian and unschooling posts that I like, I would - I'd love to, but Facebook doesn't give you that option.

I finished the Lark Rise to Candleford series, so now I have two less distractions. This morning I've been sewing clothes for our dolls. My dressmaking skills are pretty pathetic, and I'm trying to master techniques on a tiny scale that will hopefully benefit me when I make myself some dresses.

Our art group is in swing; last week I had 16 kids running around my house and yard. I think it went pretty well, though. Tuesday is now my house cleaning day. I pick up a little each day, but Tuesday is when I get serious, and I don't have to feel guilty the rest of the week, because I know it will get done before all those kids come. We dyed wool roving with kool-aid, and it turned out nice. We'll use it in a later project.


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