I admit it.

I have many interests in life, and I attempt to mentally keep up with them all. To feel like they are all on the front burner, but I finally admit today, that sewing and crafting are officially shelved. For an indefinite amount of time.

I have arthritic hands and limited time. Sewing is a big ordeal to get started with. I don't have a permanent spot for it, so I drag my machine out and my big box of fabric, spread it out and it just takes over. The cat starts batting the thread around, and next thing you know, I've lost it under something with a trail all through the house. I rush through projects just to get them finished, so I can put it all away. As messy as my house gets, you might be surprised to hear how much clutter gets under my skin.

I fancy myself a creative, but my inspiration has run totally dry with crafting projects for a long time. I've lost my diy mojo. It's freeing to admit that. There is a gored panel skirt that I really want to make for myself, but I can't ever bring myself to go fabric shopping and spend the money. Maybe my wardrobe is better off thrifted.

But taking photos creates no added clutter. Editing it afterward in Photoshop is even more exciting. Playing my guitar is also something I really enjoy, and is kid-friendly. I can pull the kids outside, and play on the blanket watching them play.


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