Lord, Please Return For Your Church Because We Will Never See Unity This Side of Heaven

Dramatic title, huh?

I wish I could be like some of you. You don't really read blogs, except to find a recipe or a cute organizational tip on Pinterest. By the end of the day, I've read dozens and dozens of posts a day in my feed reader, because I like to know what people are talking about. I want to understand why people think the way they do.

Sometimes what people are talking about makes me painfully aware of how divided Christians are. I already have resentment and issues about church and The Church; I don't need more fuel for that fire.

Both sides feel Holy Spirit-led to speak out, yet hold opposing views. Who is right? Neither, maybe? Some want to be the loudest and most vocal about what they feel are 'dangerous viewpoints'. Often, the folks who find themselves more in the middle are quiet, because who really wants their words retweeted, dissected, and debated into oblivion via social media?

Over the years, I've been more careful to not swear allegiance to any movements or mere mortal ideas. I hesitate to even quote anyone anymore, because everyone is so opinionated. I read from a wide variety of authors and Bible teachers, and I see very little 'dangerous' teaching, but plenty to respectfully disagree with. Whether conservative or liberal, I've seen enough bitter fruit of arrogance with both. A 'cage phase' is helpful not only for neo-Calvinists, but for those leaving evangelicalism for emergent or progressive thought as well.

I'm not on Facebook, so Twitter keeps me connected to the greater conversation, but I'm wondering if I need to tone down the noise in order to focus on the greater commonality of our faith in Jesus.


  1. It seems to me that the greatest doctrine we can embrace, ponder, proclaim is LOVE. That may sound generic to some, but the depth of God's love flowing through His children is greater than any debate over doctrines.
    If we have not LOVE, we are Nothing.
    just my opinion.


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