Doing a little catch up

This was at the end of May, same day my profile photo was taken at the science and history museum. My daughter was really annoyed; I can't remember what the issue was about now, but she was super tense, can you tell?

I painted this a couple of days ago. I had some old cheesy canvas prints that I didn't like anymore, so I gessoed over them, and tried my hand at creating some homemade decorative art. I've been saying I was going to do this for years, so - huzzah! - I did it, and I'm happy with it. The new 'craft and computer lab' is set up where we finished our wall renovation. 3 computers so far, and the 4th will get set up this week. More pics of that soon.

And if you're friends with me on other social networks, you have already seen these, but here: this is Geneva from a super-quick backyard photo shoot.

I wanted to write more for my zine last night, but I ended up blowing the entire evening on Pinterest. Husband had a hockey game, so I figured I would just pin away without shame. And pin, I did.

We finished Bramwell on Netflix; well, up to the end of the 3rd season because I didn't want to spoil my experience with how awful everyone says the last episodes were. I will just pretend that it ends with Dr. Joseph Marsham and Dr. Eleanor Bramwell living happily in married bliss forever. I even created what is probably the only piece of Bramwell fanart on the entire internet. I tried to finish Rosemary and Thyme before Netflix removed it today, but I didn't. Darn it. So, now that my shows are all caught up, I'm left wondering what to do now. :-)

Maybe my house will get clean and my zine will get laid out.


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