this little girl...

She is my treasure. 
She likes to play Animal Jam, and watch Youtube music videos that kids make with AJ screenshots. She especially likes the ones with Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift songs. 

She builds beds for her cats and ferret out of Aldi boxes with towels folded neatly inside. 

She is absolutely attached to her bedtime routine of reading from Thoughts That Make Your Heart Sing, an animal story, prayers, and hug-n-kiss, and if you deviate from that for one night, it ruins her life.

She can watch hours of Curious George every day, and never tire of that monkey's antics.

She loves the color blue, and doesn't like pink very much.
If you ask her to play princess, she'd rather play the royal pet instead. 
She is quick-witted, funny, and loves potty humor.

She calls me "oh my mother of mine", and I am so thankful that our family is blessed with her.


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