First Day of Fall 2013

  • Today I threw a baby shower for one of my good friends, and it was a nice time. 
  • Then I picked up my family to drop off my husband to his hockey game. While we waited for him, the kids and I went to Toys R Us for the second time this week. I remembered that I am still looking for the warrior woman minifigure from series 10 Lego, but that set is no longer in stores. We didn't buy anything, but the kids are making notes for their Christmas lists. 
  • Then we bought some candy; also the second time this week. I must have been in the mood for indulging my children.
  • (Speaking of candy, I am a huge fan of Milk Duds and Heath bars. And Mini Chewy Sweettarts.)
  • Beautiful day; first post-summer cool breeze.
  • Last night, I took a walk in the rain, trudging through muddy grass in my flip flops. My shins are so sore today.
  • We have a little cold virus going through the house.
  • My kitten has learned to use a litter box.
  • J's halo brace pins have been a beast and keep getting infected. Not good.
  • My brain fog has been worse than normal this week. I'm having trouble finishing sentences and finding the right words I'm looking for.
  • That means no writing of any sort besides these bullet point rambles.


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