timeline of gluten intolerance symptoms

Tonight I ate some lasagna after being clean of gluten for a while, and I thought it would be interesting to me personally to record my body's reaction. I wasn't uncomfortable or feeling much stiffness or inflammation before eating the food.

Ate lasagna and a piece of french bread: 7pm
Pulse racing and hot flash: 8pm
Stiffness, swelling, and burning sensation in my hands, ankles, feet and neck: 9:30pm

I drank a glass of water, took 2 Zyflamend capsules, and used wintergreen essential oil in lotion on my legs in order to help with the restless legs effects of inflammation. I also drink magnesium citrate to counteract the fact that wheat seems to shut down my bowels. :-)

Sometimes, dealing with these after effects are worth it to indulge (like the wedding I went to recently, or eating Christmas cookies during the holiday), but then tonight leaves me wondering why I do this to myself.


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