my little 'mewse' and a list

We got a new kitten. Her name is Panther, and she's about 5 weeks old. She was taken from her feral mama and domesticated. Now she follows us around and wants to constantly sleep on our necks.

I needed a little writing inspiration, and got this list from BluebirdBaby.

I am...
making : slow progress on my zine.
cooking : as little as possible because the oven heats up the kitchen.
drinking : lots of strawberry lemonade and Dr. Pepper.
reading : Walking in this World by Julia Cameron.
wanting : to buy costume materials for photo shoots.
looking : at a messy house.
playing : guitar again after a few week hiatus. Starting worship team practice next Thursday.
wasting : too much time on time-waster things.
sowing : the seeds of kindness and creativity to my kids.
wishing : that I could build a photography studio in my yard.
enjoying : watching Doctor Who for the first time.
waiting : for cooler weather to arrive.
liking : playing guitar along to Milo Greene songs.
wondering : why my kids keep getting tummy aches before bed.
loving : that I have hardly anything that I'm obligated to do.
hoping : I can find a female blue merle corgi pup before Christmas.
marveling : at how J has handled his accident, and how resilient he is.
needing : some extended quiet time to read and write.
smelling : my Victoria's Secret Amber Romance lotion that my kids applied to themselves.
wearing : some really cute things I got at thrift store sales on Labor Day.
following : some cruise pages and preparing for our upcoming cruise vacation.
noticing : that the kitten thinks blankets are her litter box. UGH.
knowing : that I need to clean the house - dishes and my bedroom.
thinking : about my upcoming photo shoots for friends. I have one tomorrow.
bookmarking : gorgeous photo backdrops and photo gear.
opening : up a can of tuna to give little kitten because I need to pick up more formula at the store.
giggling : about funny memes on Pinterest. And at Doctor Who.
feeling : a little better lately as I exercise more and take my supplements regularly. 


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