#FridayFemininityGathering 2/26/2021

 I'm participating in the blog series from Ponderings From the Inglenook #FridayFemininityGathering and sharing a photo of me in one of my favorite dresses. It's a vintage rayon dolman sleeve dress from All That Jazz. It's kind of snug on me, but it's the perfect black floral. I want to try to sew my own dress using this one to draft a pattern from. 

This morning I got up and dyed my hair. At 40, I only have a few stray grey hairs, but I dye my hair because it looks healthier and shinier in a darker shade. I did a clay mask while the dye was on and my skin was looking nice after I moisturized with my favorite moisturizer, Avon Hydra Fusion.

Sometimes I forget to look after my appearance, and after a very cold spell of winter and no power last week, I was feeling haggard and needed a bit of a makeover! 

Today is a bit dreary, but I'm warming up with a chai latte and am looking forward to do some thrifting after dropping the oldest boys off at a homeschool hangout this afternoon. 


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