Growing the Backyard Flock

One of my goals this year was to get more hens (ducks and chicken) because I don't want to have to buy eggs anymore. 

When you live in a regular neighborhood with a .19 acre yard, you have to be careful about adding new birds. I can't just buy straight run chicks to save money, and end up with a bunch of cockerels or drakes to find homes for. You also have to take into account male/female ratios and what will create the most happy and peaceful flock. I don't slaughter my birds for any reason, they are pets who lay eggs for me. 

There are a few roosters in my neighborhood but none that are exceptionally noisy. Except mine. My serama roosters were being so annoyingly loud. I was shedding tears just thinking about having to get rid of them. I've been looking for bantam hens everywhere for months now. If roosters have no purpose, such as protecting their hens, they will crow to no end. I found two Japanese bantam hens within a 20 min drive, and even though they were $35 a bird, I went for it because I knew it was either find them ladies or find them a new home. I also bought 3 standard red hens who are laying age. They're pretty calm and have adjusted pretty well, even those my bantam boys are constantly pestering them. 

In my last post I mentioned my new ducklings. I've determined 2 are boys and 1 girl, their names are Morris, Darcy, and Frances. I'm throwing off the male/female ratios again. My alpha duck Penni is not happy about the newcomers, and I can only let them free range under supervision. They have imprinted on me and follow me around the yard. 

On a warm, sunny morning, after my chores of dumping and refilling the duck pools and getting everyone's food and water, I like to bring out my teapot, listen to music on my bluetooth speaker, and watch all of my animals and their antics for hours. 


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