April and May 2017

Impressive dragonfly found in my back yard.

Working on art journals on the front porch. 

A selection of completed 4H projects from sewing and pottery.

The rose bushes at my church are always lovely.

From the yard of my friend and fellow neighbor.

Our new 'lil peach tree is just a bit taller than J, and already bearing fruit.

Now for the real story behind the pretty pictures.

Normally, I'm able to push through my chronic pain issues and still be somewhat productive, but this month has been a streak of headaches, severe fatigue and cognitive issues. I've had to cancel plans at least twice, put off grocery shopping in lieu of overpriced Prime Now orders - and anyone who knows me well knows that me canceling plans is unheard of. I'm unable to safely drive most of the time, which is inconvenient. I've missed church far too often.

We finished up our busiest time of the year - 4H and homeschool co-op. I'm happy with what was accomplished, and don't regret it, but the toll that puts on my body takes a while to recover from. I was plunged into depression around the second week of April, and then after I lost my favorite dog on the 20th due to a fatal accident, it was harder to shake. I spent the rest of April feeling foggy and apathetic.

My mood has improved, but I'm still unable to function at my normal levels. I'm antsy and discouraged. The Excedrin that I take for chronic migraines causes my gut to be even worse off, so everything I eat makes my joints hurt and my body to swell with inflammation.

The kids have had a upper chest cold for the last couple of weeks, and I've wanted to lose it after having to listen to hacking coughs and crankiness when my senses are on overload from a migraine.
Our school routine has completely disappeared, never really falling back into place after spring break.

My shop has been slow, but that's a gift because I wouldn't be able to keep up with any more orders than I have now.

I have been doing a little bit of sewing - I spruced up my sewing machine with a new presser foot, shank, and new needles. Hands have been too sore for crochet. I've been working on my herbal course and reading here and there on that topic. Went to Six Flags homeschool day, and then the convention right after. Bought a few books and a game to round out the curriculum. Tomorrow is the ren faire, so I'm sure I'll post pics from that. Our a/c is out, so we are cobbling together window units and fans to keep cool. I have no idea what this summer will be like, but I'm hoping for the best.


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