Homemade Skin Care Using Oils

 I'd like to share how I make some of my favorite skin care oils. I make a few different blends; one for healing and balancing skin, a facial oil, a nourishing after bath oil, and pain relief. I bought all the carrier oils from Amazon, as well as the Aura Cacia and Plant Therapy oils. I use all different brands of essential oils, and find that these are all effective. 

The blend below is what I call Skin Restore. I use it for healing tissue, and it's good for keeping vaginal flora balanced. If you've never tried something like this, I encourage you to! I bought the herbal oil from Mountain Rose Herbs. It has Arnica, Calendula, St. John's Wort, Lavender, and Vitamin E. It is a concentrated oil, so you add it to another carrier oil, which in this case is Avocado Oil. I added a few extra drops of Lavender and Plant Therapy's Soft Skin Blend

The photo below is a simple pain relief blend. I used a small amount of the herbal oil, and filled the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil. Then add several drops of a pain relief essential oil blend; in this case I used True Blue by Rocky Mountain Oils, but I've also used Panaway from Young Living. It really works. I deal with a lot of neck pain, and it does soothe the ache.

This next one is what I am most excited about - it's my facial oil. I filled a bottle with hazelnut oil which is known for being an astringent oil and absorbs readily into the skin without excess greasiness. I added around 20 drops of the Soft Skin Blend from Plant Therapy, and it is so nice and softening.

The next blend below is my all-over body oil. It's great for immediately after a bath. I used 3 parts hazelnut and 1 part avocado oil. Then I added several drops of my Aura Cacia essential oils of Juniper Berry, Renew Blend for Skin, and lots of Lemon. It feels wonderful, and helps heal damage from the sun. The recycled glass bottle that I bought from Mountain Rose Herbs is perfect for dispensing into your hand. (Do this before bed; the lemon oil can cause sensitivity with sun exposure. Avoid sun at least 12 hours after use.) 


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