Striving for Simplicity is Complicated

A layout in my scrappy journal
What simplicity means to me is slow living, deliberate choices of how I spend my time and money to align with my greater values. It's careful consumption. It's luxury of time. I buy second hand for many things. I'm trying to minimize plastic use in small ways, because eliminating it entirely is impossible. I don't use chemical cleaners, making those myself with castile soap, vinegar and essential oils. I seek out natural healing methods. As I use up my personal care products in plastic, I find new ways to meet those needs with homemade or bulk ingredients. I'm not into a minimalist aesthetic, I prefer cozy clutter. But I do need to sift through my abundant possessions. I love to make things, but wonder about using more recycled/upcycled raw materials. The junk of our careless culture keeps creeping back in, and so it takes constant vigilance: to slow accumulation, to protect my calendar, my peace, and energy levels. I've looked at my business, and struggle with marketing and promotion. I regret selling shirts with synthetic content, knowing the problem of non-biodegradable textile waste on our planet. I want the things that I do buy new to be fairly sourced/traded as much as possible and benefit disadvantaged people. I'm thinking and praying about all of these things.


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