Ren Faire Inspiration

We went to Scarborough Renaissance Festival on May 16th, and as usual, I am always inspired by the vardos, carpets, and fabrics I see. I like a mix of medieval, Victorian, and Art Nouveau. I have a corner sitting area (seen below) that I am claiming as my own, and these boards help me get ideas for it. 

Renaissance fair style decor doesn't mean period authentic medieval times. The span of time of the Middle Ages is over a thousand years, and represents many cultures, as empires were conquered and new influences were brought in from other countries.  In the early 20th century, artists were again inspired by renaissance style, and that's why I also include Art Nouveau/Arts and Crafts. I found a Jacobean floral pattern wall paper border, and a Tree of Life William Morris inspired tapestry for my sofa on eBay. 


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