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I bought a Blythe doll for myself as a Christmas present. She is a Mademoiselle Rosebud, and was used without her original clothing. I can't wait to start customizing her. Her face will be sanded, with new eyeshadow, eyechips, and lipstick. Westen said her eyes look like a vampire, and I'm not crazy about her other eye colors (her eyes change color when you pulll her string) so I'll be giving her lilac, light teal and silvery eyechips, leaving her original pink set in.

I also got a new wig in for my Moxie Teenz/Liv hybrid - but I'm going to redye it before I photograph her. These dolls are fun for me because they combine all of my creative interests; styling, sewing, and photography. Thinking about starting up another blog for these kinds of posts - and focusing it on diorama/doll art and other still life photos...not sure.


  1. Wonderful, really awesome doll. I love this Blythe and just ordered this at PIJ. Thanks for your lovely post.


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