The Importance of Being Earnest (About Faith)

I am a self-admitted cynical and skeptical person. I have a highly calibrated B.S. detector, and I'm not afraid to use it.

But my cynicism ends where my faith begins.

The words 'earnest faith' came into my mind this evening.  Earnest - serious in intention, purpose, or effort, sincerely zealous, showing depth or sincerity of feeling.

I mourn the loss of innocent zeal that comes with being wounded by the Church. Sarcasm acts as a great deflector and barrier; keeping you from having to be too vulnerable. Christians who are too earnest get made fun of, I know. It's not as cool to talk about a heartfelt pursuit of God without any sense of irony or sarcasm.

God has always been a mystery, yet so many are falling away from doubt. Seeds of skepticism are so easily spread and sown by today's media. Out of many, many Christian friends growing up, I am one of only a small handful of holdouts who still cling to the Gospel. And even among Christian community, it's often hard to find an earnest, orthodox faith, one that isn't too self conscious to "tell of His wonderful deeds, to be glad and rejoice in the Lord Most High."

I'm thankful for those who keep rejoicing and declaring the goodness and glory of God, even when our hearts are crusty and jaded.


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