Strong Willed Tweets

The following tweets are from Cynthia Tobias' book "You Can't Make Me" about effective measures with strong willed children.  

Want to motivate me? Inspire me. Want to direct me? Lead the way. Want to encourage my ambition? Ignite fire w/ ur enthusiasm.
"Calmly and reasonably put as much control into their hands, tell them your expectations & let them decide what to do."
"It's hard for strong willed people to get along w/ those who think they're the only one to define right & wrong."
Clarify w/ questions "Do you know why I asked for that?" "Is that what you meant to do?" "How do you want to make that right?"
Calm humor with a smile diffuses - "Nice try" "Are you trying to get in trouble?" "Are you trying to annoy me on purpose?"
"Strong willed people do better with compelling problems to solve, rather than a list of chores."
"Don't engage in arguments over methods; focus on outcomes. Give them the bottom line."


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