The baby turns 5

It could have been sponsored by Lego. :-) And yes, he did look this somber the entire time; he was feeling very shy with all of the attention. I asked him if his birthday was everything he hoped it would be, and he nodded yes.

We invited a few friends to join us at our neighborhood McDonalds, and I'm glad he chose that instead of a home party. I have been plagued with headaches and migraines this week, so was not up to the frantic housecleaning that would have required. I haven't eaten McD's in a very long time, and it tastes like dog food. My grandma brought a strawberry cake, and we bought all the kids ice cream cones. He was very blessed this year with great gifts from his friends and family. Mom bought him a Thomas train set, and we got him a Thomas rolling backpack that he's wanted for months, and a Playmobil RV camper.

Hard to believe that in the next year or so, he'll be losing the last of his babyish features, and getting all big-boy on me.


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