It's back.

Just checking in to say that six months after my last kidney stone surgery, which didn't go well, the stone(s) they couldn't get out are hurting me again. Not bad yet - just uncomfortable and draining, and over time, the pain increases in intensity. My closest appointment for the urologist is a month from now. It "ain't my first rodeo", I know how this all goes so I'm reluctantly letting go of everything extraneous, and getting into survival mode. I had a nice new stash of fabric I wanted to show you, and I wanted to make pretty things from it. But I need to use my spare time to put together some workboxes or something to keep the kids busy, so the daily rhythm I have worked so hard for does not fall apart, (especially now that it is getting cold and we'll be stuck indoors more often.) I've spent way too much of my children's lives feeling "fallen apart." But I'm going to try to remember this quote I retweeted on Twitter the other day - "Paul stopped praying for the thorn to be removed, and started praying for the pain to be redeemed." Nancy Guthrie

I'm praying for God's miraculous healing, if it is His will; He has removed a stone from me before with no pain. The doctors tell me that my body will always produce stones. I know that God is willing and able to do what is best for me, and that could be healing or allowing me to deal with this. If it's the latter, I pray I deal with whatever hardships with grace, and it brings Him glory. I have perspective - I'm disappointed, but I know there are much worse diagnoses to hear, so that is Grace.


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