The little things I fret about...

  • Wasting things in general - I hate it when the kids scribble one small thing in the middle of a page, and it's a mess up. I eat my kids' leftover food instead of making myself a plate, and feel very guilty when I throw a jug or carton away without recycling it.
  • Clutter - But I have a lot of it. Running a business, having lots of passionate interests, and creating a home library takes up a lot of physical and visual space in a 1200 sq ft home, but I'm not going to get rid of it just so I can have a restful vista.
  • That I will pass my cynicism down to my kids. It's not fun being skeptical about everything. 
  • Not having at least a month's food supply - we go through groceries really fast, and I feel better when I have a few extra bags of sugar, flour, salt, pasta sauce, etc. in the pantry.
  • Crowds. I loathe the mall and other places where I feel like I'm being herded like cattle. 
  • Quality control in our business. I want customers to be satisfied 100% of the time, and when honest mistakes happen, it stresses me out.


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