Thoughts on business

It's strange how I can be part of a home business that is getting closer and closer to six figure sales each year, yet still feel so clueless about trying to establish another stream of income for myself. I've read all of the books and websites; I've got loads of practical, hands-on experience and knowledge.

The difference is that our business relies on my husband's talents, and while I do work with him often, it doesn't depend on me and my abilities.

When Mary Pride was asking for contributions to a re-release of All The Way Home on Facebook last year, I submitted a few short blurbs. It hasn't been released yet, so I'm not sure which ones will make the cut. One of the testimonials I wrote about home business was recommending that when a homeschooling family has decided to start a business to base it on a husband's abilities. Her readership is very traditional roles oriented, and I have a husband who is healthier and possesses more marketable skills than I do. If we invested in a business that required me to be always be at the top of my game and producing a handmade product or some kind of service, we would have tanked long ago due to my health issues and home responsibilities.

I've talked about my new season of motherhood and my free time. Life is much easier than when I had babies and toddlers. I would like to raise up some kind of home-based career alongside my kiddos. But I want to be as helpful and supportive to my husband's business as I can. I spent several years focusing on childbirth education, but find that it's just too hard to navigate that world unless you are also a midwife, doula, or nurse, and I'm ready to let that go. Maybe one day when I'm silverhaired, and really feel like a 'wise woman'. Who knows what God has planned? I guarantee I will be revisiting this subject often.


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