Unfinished and undeveloped ideas

I read an article on the Etsy blog the other day about artists' undeveloped and unfinished ideas. It got me thinking about all the loose ends I ponder and plan that stress me out. Like everyone else is waiting for me for projects to be completed, for the ideas to come to fruition, but I forget these dreams have only lived inside my head. No one is going to be offended either way. 

I've tried finishing the wall hanging that I started months ago, but I have finally admitted to myself that I'm not inspired by the fabric at all. I've sat down and spread out my materials many times trying to piece it together, but I'm totally bored with it. But mentally, I feel like I can't move on to another project unless that one is neatly wrapped up.

As laid back as I truly am, I have some major perfectionist tendencies when it comes to creative effort.


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